Monday, June 30, 2008

Look At My Chillies 1

First, a parade of Bulgarian Carrot plants:

(I told Blogger to align all the pics to the left - see how well it worked)In part for reasons unknown, and in part because of my carelessness, the first batch of Bulgarian Carrot sprouts died, and also a second batch did not perform so well. Finally, a third batch survived and grew; this is the situation at June 29. The tallest plant is around 15 cm (the smallest is 2 cm). Those out in the garden are growing fast, not so much for the one in the pot (next to a cherry tomato bush). Sunlight seems to be the main factor, even if my balcony is bright. Maybe I should get rid of the screen even if it works as wind barrier. Some of those plants have been grown in a small greenhouse for a while, but there is no important difference of performance between the two situations.


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